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You can find the various models of Dunlop squash racquets for all game styles within this category. Whether you are an aggressive player, a versatile player or if you are looking for more ball control or accuracy and if you are an amateur or a competitive player, our catalog will allow you to find a racquet that best suits you. 

Add a little finesse to your game with the Dunlop Precision racquets. Choose to add control to your game with a stabler racquet thanks to the new frame structure with a base of revolutionary fibre with the range called, Dunlop Hyperfibre+. Dunlop has developed new technologies, such as HM6 carbon. This technology is sturdier to offer new feel and excellent touch when you are hitting powerful attack shots. For this, check out the Dunlop Apex series. Lastly, master the game of power and control with the Tempo or Blackstorm series. There are so many different models and one is going to be just for you.